RAK Free Zone (RAK FTZ)

Free zone is a particular geographical area in the emirate where 100% foreign ownership is allowed. Free zones do not require partnership with a UAE citizen or with a local service agent.

  • Founded in:  2000
  • Location:  Ras-al-khaimah
  • Time for registration: 10 days
  • Types of licenses: trading, service, industrial
  • Types of companies:  a new company, branch, subsidiary
  • Share capital:  free zone authority waived minimum share capital requirement. Shareholders my decide which amount of share capital they want to declare and potentially deposit.

Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone Company Formation

RAK Free Zone is located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah and is among the fastest growing free zones in the United Arab Emirates. Currently there are more than 8,000 active RAK companies registered in RAK Free Zone in UAE, whose owners are foreign citizens from more than 100 countries.  

RAK Freezone was awarded 7-best free zones of the Middle East. It comprises of four (4) special zones that can satisfy requirements of any investor: 1) business park for clients that need to rent an office; 2) industrial park for companies that are operating in heavy industries; 3) techno park for trading companies and light industries; 4) academic zone for educational institutions.

RAK UAE Free Zone is well-represented in the international market and has representative offices in Turkey, India and Germany.

RAK Free Zone companies may rent in the free zone flexi-desks, flexi-offices, standard offices and warehouses, manufacturing facilities and land. Very often flexi-desks are mistaken for RAK Free Zone virtual office. RAK Free Zone company setup is impossible with virtual office, as this option does not exist in general. What is offered is a flexi-desk facility, which is a physical workstation (a chair and a desk) in a business center for use of up to 10 hours per week.

Not everyone knows that there is RAK Free Zone Dubai office available right in Downtown area next to famous Burj Khalifa. So you can access RAK Free Zone office in Dubai by metro or car reaching Dubai Mall station. RAK Free Zone Dubai streamlined all processes related to both RAK Free Zone company formation and resident visa processing. Now there is no longer any need to travel from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah emirate. Instead, in a matter of ten to twenty minutes you are in RAK Free Zone office Dubai.

Registration authority is constantly working on improving business climate in the free zone and it strives to make conditions for conducting business in the free zone more favorable. As a result, recently RAK Free Zone company setup costs were decreased and through partnership with banks installment payment plans were offered. In addition to RAK Free Zone license costs decrease, registration authority waived several years ago the requirement to provide annually audited financial statements and decreased share capital requirement from AED 100,000 to AED 1,000 only. All this made RAK Zree zone license and RAK Freezone business setup process easier and the setup process in general became more affordable.

Reasonable RAK Free Zone license fees in combination with smooth process of company formation in RAK Free Zone, which in recent years became faster and more streamlined, make RAK Freezone license a very good choice for your business. There is also no open registrar of companies or RAK Free Zone companies list, which speaks for confidentiality that is maintained.

RAK FTZ is a one-stop-shop for businessmen and entrepreneurs and it provides everything you require to set up a company in the UAE. Entrepreneurs receive promptly their license, legal entity is set up in a matter of several days, so in the blink of an eye one can start profitable operation. To initiate incorporation process, it is required to choose legal entity type, license type and determine facility for lease. We will guide you through the procedure of filling out required documents to ensure that all requirements are fulfilled. In addition, our team members will review your documentation and facilitate the required permissions. As a next step, we will notify you on pre-approval received for registration, so that we could plan your trip to Dubai for corporate documents signing and visit to the bank for account opening.

We would like to draw your attention that in case of partnership, all shareholders or their representatives should be present for signing of corporate documents.

If you are interested to learn more about costs involved in RAK Free Zone company registration and other aspects of doing business here, read information provided below or contact us for free consultation. We can assure you that RAK Free Trade Zone Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah can be the right choice for you.





RAK Free Zone (RAK FTZ)
  • Commercial Licensefrom AED 15,000 / USD 4,110
  • Consultancy Licensefrom AED 19,000 / USD 5,205
  • General Trading Licensefrom AED 39,500 / USD 10,822
  • Industrial Licensefrom AED 54,200 / USD 14,849 (incl. warehouse)
  • LICENSE PRICE RANGEfrom AED 15,000 / USD 4,110
    to AED 73,425 / USD 20,116


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