Game Changers Dubai to Reach New Heights of Success in 2019

UAE Consultants is a Business set-up company in Dubai, that works with a multitude of clients from all around the world. We assist our clients with everything that involves setting up their business in the UAE. We have been operating in the UAE for over 3 years and we are growing at a steady pace as the years go by.


In order to promote doing business in the country, UAE Consultants decided to launch a YouTube program called Game Changers. The program showcases the stories of the top millionaires in Dubai and is used as a medium for entrepreneurs to share not only their business journey, but also to provide business tips for both current and future entrepreneurs in the country. The channel aims to guide and inspire entrepreneurs to go on the right direction. It is all about successful people that wanted to change their lives, did and are now willing to share their stories for free to help others. Every week there is a new video released, featuring at least 3 guests from different backgrounds and working on different industries.


The game changer’s program also has a tradition of a giveaway, which gives the viewers an opportunity to win a prize offered from one of the guests. These prizes can be meals, activities or anything that might be related to the services the guest’s company provides. Yet, some guests prefer to offer something that might inspired them or helped them fulfill their business dream at an earlier stage of their careers. These inspiring items tend to be mostly books.


UAE Consultant’s CEO, Maksim Tsiazhkin, being as enthusiastic about business, entrepreneurship and marketing as he is, believes that everyone fails at least once in their lives, and therefore, feels that only when you start seeing failure as a lesson, you will be able to overcome whatever challenge comes your way. In fact, he believes that instead of being afraid of failure, one should embrace it because only then he will be able to grow. That is the message he wants to transmit to the viewers and continues to pass on within his company. By the end of 2019, it is expected to have a much larger game changer’s community and has made its mission to continue to inspire entrepreneurs not only in the UAE but around the world. By doing so, it expects to contribute to the country’s economy by inspiring more and more people to come and invest in the UAE.


Visit the game changer’s YouTube channel, subscribe and dare to learn how to chase your business dreams to make them a reality. To Follow Game Changers Dubai on YouTube Clcik Here. Game Changers Dubai YouTube Channel

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