Game Changers - How Factory in Dubai Made their 1st Million

On this episode, you will learn more about Mr. Manish Hiranadani, owner of ‘Hira Industries’, a manufacturing company in the UAE. He is one of the top entrepreneurs in the Dubai’ SME list and began his journey right after University, when he decided to move back to Dubai to help his family business, which was struggling at the time.

Hira industries was initially a distribution company that developed into a manufacturing one. Manish explains that when he started, he did not know much about the manufacturing industry, which he found quite challenging, as he had to learn everything from scratch. Yet, he then realized the importance of educating oneself on a regular basis, and has continued to do it ever since.

As the interview goes on, Manish expresses how challenging it was for him to find the right people for his organization. As he believes, the secret to good management is precisely that, hiring the right kind of people and helping them grow within the organization.

Manish also recommends focusing on a single industry, and explains how he could have gotten involved into many more, but did not do so, to avoid not being able to give all the required attention to his manufacturing business. He suggests to do the same and then decide which direction to take, as their business develops. Watch the full episode to find out more about his inspiring story and get a chance to be the lucky winner of some great hats, Hira Industries has especially prepared for you.

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