Game Changers - Episode 3 - Secrets Revealed

This episode will be showcasing three of the most successful entrepreneurs in the 100 Dubai’s SME list. The first one is Mrs. Nicole Rodrigues, the owner of the Diva group. Throughout the episode, she explains how her business started with Diva Models and went on to expand into different businesses involved in the real estate industry, beauty salons, etc. On this episode, you will also be able to see her luxurious home, her car, which she is so passionate about and get an idea of what is like to live like a successful entrepreneur in Dubai. Our second guest is Mr. Sassan Dieter, owner and CEO of GIG, which is a re-manufacturing and re-furbishing business. He highly recommends seeing moments of crisis as a time to solve challenges and tells entrepreneurs that there is no right or wrong ideas when you are running your own business. He has always wanted to impact other people’s lives and feels that the fact that the company does precisely that, has really contributed to his success. Our third and final guest is Mr. Saed Shiripour, the owner of EZ marketing. He shares the story of how he turned 100 Euros into 1.4 Million Euros in 14 months. Should you become the lucky winner of his giveaway prize, he would be delighted to share many helpful tips with you. Watch the full episode and find out more about how you can become the lucky winner of the giveaway prizes these amazing guests have in store for you. 

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