Game Changers - How Toursim Business in Dubai Made their 1st Million

On this episode you will learn more about Mr. Anup Surendran, owner of ‘Tour Dubai’, a tour service provider in the UAE. His journey began back in 1989, when he became Tour Dubai’s operations’ manager. Little did he know that two years later he would become the owner of a company that would grow to be this successful.

Tour Dubai is currently considered to be one of the oldest startup companies in the UAE and it started with just one traditional boat, and it now owns not only 7 more boats, but also delivers land and air tour services in Dubai. One of the secrets of Tour Dubai’s success, Anup believes, is that the company is driven by the satisfaction of his customers. In fact, he considers this a success.

In addition, he believes that his previous experience working in the hotel industry, helped him acquire the necessary skills to continue to develop his business. He advises entrepreneurs to stay focused and to be completely dedicated to their business, as he explains that success does not come easy, it requires a lot of hard work.

As the interview goes on, he expresses that one should just focus on a single industry and expand within it. For instance, if you are in the tourism industry, just like he is, you should grow within that industry. He explains, that focusing on different ones at the same time might divert your attention to unfamiliar things that may limit your success. Watch the full episode to find out more about his inspiring story and get a chance to be the lucky winner of three cruise dinners for two with Tour Dubai.

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