Game Changers - We Meet Business Visionary of Dubai for Advice on Future Business Prospects in Dubai

This episode will be showcasing one of the best visionaries of UAE. Mr. Alexander Williams, the director of the future economic division of the Dubai Economic Department. He developed the Dubai SME definition, its strategic plan and the Dubai future economy plan. Throughout the episode, he talks about some of his major strengths and weaknesses and advises current businessmen to continue paying close attention to their customers, as they represent the world’s population, which continues to grow and change as time goes by. He then goes on to explain how he creates futuristic visions, by spotting trends in the economy. He believes that future business prospects are built by reading on a regular basis, by observing, by being curious and by being innovative with that curiosity. Mr. Williams also expresses how much he values his personal reputation and believes that he lives his best life by standing true to his values. Should you become the lucky winner of his giveaway, he would be delighted to share many helpful tips with you. Watch the full episode and find out more about how you can become the lucky winner of this amazing giveaway he has prepared especially for you.

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