Game Changers - Millionaire Female Model Agency Entrepreneur in Dubai

On this episode you will learn more about Mrs. Nicole Rodrigues, owner of the ‘Diva Group’, a company that is involved in many different industries within the UAE. Her journey began when she was 30 years old, after having worked in a PR agency and nor finding her place there. As a former model, she knew she wanted to open a Modelling agency and with the help of some family and friends she opened ‘Diva Models’.


From Diva Models, the company went on to expanding into the real estate business, into a laundry business, into a salon and into many more. She explains that the success of her business came from the very beginning, which allowed her to pay back her investors within three months of operations.


Nicole believes that when you want something there is always time for it, and assures that by accepting people for who they are and by having compassion, you will find the energy to achieve whatever you want to achieve. However, she believes that entrepreneurs must have a good foundation of what it is they want to achieve, and only then, they can jump in and take the risk of starting their own business. She explains that one of the reasons she was successful was precisely that, knowing and staying focused about what she wanted when she started.


As the interview goes on, he shares that she always wanted to help others, and defines happiness as the ability to stay happy not only for herself but mostly to make those around her happy as well. Watch the full episode to find out more about his inspiring story and get a chance to be the lucky winner of the two portfolios Nicole is offering to the viewers.

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