Game Changers - Millionaire Toner Re-manufacturer in Dubai

In this episode you will learn more about Mr. Sassan Dieter, owner and CEO of ‘GIG’ (German imaging and technologies), a re-manufacturing company in the UAE. His journey began back in 1996, when he was invited to Dubai as a thank you token by a client, who eventually became his friend. He explains he was taken by the vibe Dubai gave him. He could see it growing fast, but never imagined it would become what it is today.


GIG began with three investors, one of them Sassan, with already a customer in line. But when that customer went out of business right after the first order was made, GIG really struggled. Sassan saw this moment as a moment of crisis, for which he is also grateful to have experienced at such an early stage of this business. He advises people to see those moments of crisis as an opportunity to solve a challenge, rather than a problem, as he believes that such a mentality is what will give you the energy to continue chasing your dreams.


One of the things he believed has greatly contributed to the success of his business is the fact that he always wanted to impact people. He sees it as a driving force that inspires and motivates him everyday to be the best at what he does. Sassan advises people to avoid getting into business for the sole purpose of making money, as it would be very difficult to succeed without having aligned your inner-purpose with what you do.


As the interview goes on, he talks about the culture of the company, which is pro gender equality. He sees people decisions as the most important decisions of all because when they are made correctly, they not only help your business grow, but also make the work environment much more pleasant. However, when people decisions are made incorrectly, they can be very costly. Watch the full episode to find out more about his inspiring story.

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