How to Choose a Business Niche in the UAE

When did you last time go to a book store? There are so many books about business these days, but when you read them you feel like something is missing, they talk about big brands and corporations, how to develop corporate culture and go to IPO. Is seems to be so distant and not about you. Then you go to a section with Success. They talk about success that you need to be positive and visualize and dream, and than you will wake up to be millionaire. Where are the practical advice? 1-2-3?  when you are small and just want to start something small for the first time in your life you need different kind of information – about what you need to do to begin? The problem is that advice of gurus are very valuable and very good in general, but they are too early for you, irrelevant. When you have 10 employees and office you might start thinking about it, but at the very beginning it is useless. It’s like trying to explain nuclear physics to a child in a kindergarten. He just started to walk!



   While reading such books the distance between the author and reader is becoming enormous, as the author does not answer your very basic questions: from where to attract first customers, how to make first sales, how to make customers come back to you and buy again, how to write ads, how to launch first Facebook ads campaign, what works better, etc.. Authors discuss management and strategies, blue oceans and future, strategic planning and KPI. But you need to learn the basics instead of all that - you need to learn how to make your first 10 sales today and earn first 5000 dirhams out of it, everything else is absolutely irrelevant to you. At least at the initial stage.


There are so many business trainers and coaches on YouTube, that talk about success but do not get down to earth and tell you what you should do. I am sure you have already seen so many business coaches that teach you how to do business and who don’t have current business. You ask them how much do you earn from your business and they reply something like they quit business and are teaching only for now. It means that such people teach you the lessons and ways on how to do business that were relevant 5-6 years back, when they were in the market. See how fast our life is, how many new technologies are introduced daily: Internet, social media, live streams, conversions, traffic, landing pages, chat bots, funnels and tunnels, artificial intelligence, ICO, cryptocurrencies, bitcoins. Do you think that people who were doing business 4-5 years back understand how it all works now? Do you think they understand the meaning of that words? Hardly.

 Moreover, when you ask them how to start in the UAE – they cannot reply, because they never lived in the UAE and they never experienced the market, they do not have any idea on how everything works here.

How can they teach you something they are not aware of? Even the information I’m telling you now needs to be updated and revised in 1 months, as new inventions and technologies are developing every single day.

What is more important: to do what you love or to earn money? That is the most frequent question. The answer is to earn on what you love to do.

But to reach the point when you can earn on what you love requires some preparation, you need to go through several stages: to know how to earn money today and from where to attract customers. Many people believe that business starts from company registration or from renting an office. Unfortunately for that people their business ends in the following year. Choosing your office and color of your logo are the less important things in the whole process of business. The key skill is knowledge how to attract new customers. If you don’t know how to attract customers you will not get leads, if you don’t get leads you don’t make money, if you don’t make money your business will not survive and your business will close. The most important is to attract customers. But how to learn these skills? From where to start? The fastest and easiest way to find your customers is Internet. Who is using the phone today? Probably you have even more than one phone. How many of your phones you do use for the Internet searches – 10 out of 10, unless they are connected to the World Wide Web. Do you like using Facebook, Instagram, Google? Yes. Now, you know the secret – all of your customers are online, and those who learn how to catch customers from the web are getting more money and reach bigger results.

We are explaining how to get customers from the Internet revealing our experience from 2010 that are proven and tested techniques, so if you are interested – come to our live events or masterclass and you will get all the answers, but today we are covering the very first step - the topic of choosing what business to choose. This is the basic step to start from. Technique knowledge and skills come after that.

To find your business you need to start trying something that you preferably have experience in I personally tried around 7 niches all in all: from hard sales in physical products, earning on affiliate programs, selling books online via groups in social media to making animation videos. All of them generated income – but it was not sufficient to feel comfortable and live. But each time I failed - I learned, the more you fail the better, the earlier you start the better. Why? Because you learn what to do and how to do it, you gain practical skills, you understand what works and what is now, you start looking at everything from a different angle.

I will not pour water, as it can take so much time to discuss the topic. I will be very precise. Lets talk about anti-criteria of choosing your business – How not to choose your business

First criteria – no innovation at your first business, innovation needs large investments, lots of time and development team. Second – no loans and initial capitals, do not take loans before you generate the income that can make you feel secured and safe. Third – no long money at the start, I mean the transaction cycle, it should be one-two months maxim, we don’t need to go into long money if we cannot handle short money. Firth - Don’t partner with people who seem to be non-trustworthy. If you are unconfident in a person never partner with him or you will lose your money and time. Sixth – start building your website when you are still working or studying, do not quit your job when you don’t have experience, website and working lead generation pipe. Quit only when you earn more on business than at your job.

The most interesting thing is that each person would have his personal anti-criteria depending on his life situation.

The most important. First thing you should do is to learn how to earn your first 1000, than 5000 than 20 000 dirhams and than scale it to 100 000, 200, 000 dirhams etc. Once you reach your first 20-30 000 dirhams it will change you forever. I still remember how I started business being still an employee of a company in Internet City, and how happy I was when I earned my monthly salary in just 2 days. Yes, I didn’t sleep for 2 nights on the weekend but the result was so shocking that it changed the perception of the reality. Completely.

Remember. To choose a niche, you need to learn how to earn money without violating the criminal code and own principles. Having even the smallest experience in earning money will change you forever.

So how to choose the niche:

  • The first is to acquire the skill of earning. Acquire the skill of interaction with the world. Earn your first 1,000 dirhams.
  • The second. Testing – test niches that are in demand. Google Trends or Google Keywords Tool
  • Third. Personal business - when you do not do your own thing, it will be hard for you. Try to work without subcontractors.
  • The fourth. The purpose – the big why you are doing all that, it should be yours, not from your parents, friends or society.


Think about all that. Don’t try to do it fast, let yourself think and hear your inner call.

What you should start doing right now?

       Your first step is to realize that if you continue doing the same things you got used to do every day and you feel yourself comfortable with,  in 5 years since now nothing will change. A feeling of discomfort of doing something new is a sign of the right direction.

 Your schedule consists of 24 hours. Starting from today devote 15 or 30 minutes in the evening or morning, from 9 to 9-30 pm for example, where you will be in silence thinking about business. DAILY. Put an alarm for that time for example, yes, right now. The daily alarm will be reminding you that its time for your future. Its now, stop postponing it.  And it will have results. At first it might be difficult but it will give you results. Instead of watching a YouTube videos or Instagram for nothing you will be building your future. Step by step daily.

  So, start with the fact that put yourself into discomfort of following this 9to9-30 rule. If nothing comes to you on what business you can do – ask yourself only one question – what would you do if you didn’t have to earn salary. That will be the key.

Think of what you are effective in, and what is not, what you can do, what you like to do. Ask your friends what they think of you and how you can help them. Take it very seriously as your whole future depends on it. ACT!  


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