Game Changers - How to Make Millions with Rent a Car Business in Dubai

On this episode you will learn more about Mr. Ibrahim Assad, owner of Masterkey rent a car and Masterkey properties. He was born in Dubai but is originally from Syria, his father had moved to the UAE 42 years ago and owned a trading company that still operates in Dubai. Right after high school with only 17 years of age, Ibrahim decided he wanted to follow his father’s example and have his own business. He began by trading vegetables with his father but soon after, realized he wanted to do something else. In the meantime, his brother owned a showroom and since he loved cars, he began working towards getting into the automotive industry. Once he had saved enough money, he decided to start buying and selling cars, which turned out to be a very profitable business. However, in an attempt to continue to continue to grow his business, he decided to follow his dream and bought his first fleet of cars, which is how Masterkey rent a car was born.

Masterkey currently operates with a fleet of 35 luxury cars, worth 25 Million Dirhams all together and has had great success especially in the Gulf region. The exceptional customer service they offer has greatly contributed to the company’ success. Ibrahim believes that satisfied customers do not only become loyal customers but also new contacts, which are very important for the success of any business.

As the interview goes on, he shares some of the things that have helped him the most throughout his career. He believes that learning is very important, as it allows personal development to be an on-going process. In light of this, he suggests to anyone that might be thinking of starting their own business to learn as much as they can about the industry they want to be involved in first, to avoid making unnecessary mistakes. Yet, he also believes that one must always be ready to fail because it is part of the process of becoming a successful businessman. Watch the full episode to find out more about his inspiring story and subscribe to our channel and be part of the game changers family.

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