How to Think to Start a Business in the UAE

Why is it important for entrepreneurs, businessmen and all individuals to have goals? Because without goals in life you are like a boat in a sea without navigation. You just go wherever the wind takes you. The same is true of life. If you don’t plan where you are headed, you’re likely to end up somewhere that somewhere might not be where you had ever wanted to go. So, how do you turn on an internal navigation system to make sure you are headed in the right direction. You need to develop a conscious, proactive control system, that you stick to with intent in order to achieve your goals.





It all starts with a dream. A dream to achieve something, a dream to have something, a dream to do something. We all start dreaming at a young age and continue to do it all our life. Even when we don’t confess to ourselves that we are. We all want a better quality of life, better opportunities. But what is the difference between a dream and a goal? Some people think the two are synonymous, but in reality, the two are quite distinct concepts.

A dream is in the imaginary realm – the land of ‘what if’. Goals are a part of your real world. A dream may happen or may not, a goal is set to happen if you want it to. A dream is when you think that something might happen some day at some time, a goal will be accomplished on a specific day and at a certain time. A dream is when you wish that something could happen, a goal is your proactive intention to make something happen. To put it succinctly – ‘dreams come true’ and ‘goals are accomplished’ there is no chance aspect to them.

Now you understand the difference between a goal and a dream. But what goals do you need to set? Well, goals can be set across all different areas of life, sometimes across so many that you get lost pursuing them all at the same time. Goals should be sorted and clearly defined so you can keep track of where you are in terms of achieving them. In order to stay on track you must first set a track.

There are several areas of goals that we need to think of, but first I recommend to pause this video, take a pen, and write down all the goals you have on A4 paper, as when it’s in front of you, you will feel all of them and they will motivate you. So, pause the video, and take a pen. Pause the video. One remark, whenever you are writing your goals do not think HOW you can achieve them or Assess them, just think WHAT you want.

Ok. The first one is the most obvious. Financial goals: The amount of money you want to earn a year or per month. It could be calculated as what you are paid per hour of your work. Have you ever calculated how much 1 hour of your work would cost someone? Try to do it and be surprised. The majority of millionaires know the rate of their hour.

Once you’ve done that, you should understand that it was active income. But what about passive income? What is the amount of money you wish to generate as passive income per annum and per month. Passive income means that you are totally absent in the process of income generation. You are not putting hours of your work in to it.  For example, when you rent out apartments, or when you invest in cryptocurrencies or shares and they started growing. Think about it.

Second set of goals relates to your Business and/or Career goals. What do you really want to have written on your business card? Who do you want to be? How professional do you see yourself? What do you want to achieve in your business or profession? How close to the top do you want to get?

The third set of goals are your leisure goals. How do you want to spend your free time? How many hours per day or week do you want to have to yourself for recreational activities? What hobbies do you want to partake in when you have free time?

A fourth and maybe related set of goals are Health and Fitness goals. How do you want to feel? What physical activities do you want to do? Have you ever thought of having a personal trainer or maybe a fitness instructor? Maybe your goal is to become a yoga master or eat only healthy organic food?

The fifth set of goals is Relationships. What are your relationship goals? How often do you want to see your family? How much time per day or week do you want to spend with your relatives, kids or your beloved? Maybe you want to do a one-week getaway trip with all your family to some island for a New Year celebration? Or maybe you always wanted to give an extra special gift to your mom and dad to say thanks for everything they’ve done for you?

The sixth set of goals relates to your personal goals, who do you want to be in terms of the things you own or do? What car do you want to drive, what apartment or villa do you want to live in, maybe you want to be powerful public speaker or write your own book. Maybe you want to travel the world.

And the final set of goals that you need to think about including on your list is your charitable goals. We all want to help others, and somewhere deep inside we always wanted to make something great for our family, our community, our city or even the world. Think about that. What could you do to give back to the world? Maybe you want to hold a charity event in a school where you studied, or buy computers for your community club, or maybe build a school in your city? You may ask yourself how you can make the difference at least to your family and community.

Remember, a goal is a general statement of achievement while an objective is a specific step or action you take to reach your goal. Goals and objectives are important to an entrepreneur, as they clarify the purpose of the business and help identify necessary actions to achieve goals.

So, we want you to understand one very important thing: all dreams are achievable if you turn them into goals that you actively seek. And if you subdivide each goal into objectives – specific step-by-step set of actions that follow each other you will get a crystal-clear understanding of how you can reach them.

What is really important, is to keep your list of goals near to you and read it from time to time. This is something that will give you motivation and energy in times you feel lost. Remind yourself of where you are heading for. Once you set your goals and objectives, all you have to do is to actually make them happen.  


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