Game Changers - How a Restaurant Business Started & Made their 1st Million

On this episode you will learn more about Mr. Manar Al Jayouchi, owner of 1962, a beautiful restaurant in Dubai and listed as # 11 in the Dubai’ SME list. His journey began when he was about 22-23 years old and he first moved to Dubai seeking new opportunities straight out of college. He remembers a book called “The Arabs”, which referred to the UAE as the ‘el dorado’ region, meaning a rich region, and ever since then, he says he had been wanting to come and live in Dubai.

Manar shares how he was made redundant back in 2003 and after months of struggle to find a new job, the idea to establish his own company was born. He explains that it was actually one of his closest friends, who pushed him to go through with the idea that began with 2 employees and has now grown to be one of the top restaurants in Dubai.

He named the restaurant 1962, after the year of the sandwich and says that the success of his business he owns to his team. He looks for people that are hungry, creative, energetic, with a high level of ethics, as well as people who can multitask. As these are the qualities, he most values in himself and on people.

As the interview goes on, he shares some of the things that have helped him the most throughout his career. He believes that ethics and values are the two qualities you may pass on across generations, which can make the world a better place. He also suggests to anyone that might be thinking of starting their own business to learn to adapt, otherwise you will be and stay in the past. Watch the full episode to find out more about his inspiring story and get a chance to be the lucky winner of his giveaway, where you can get a chance to get some very important tips from Manar himself.

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