• Podcast #4 – Types of activities and licenses in the UAE.

    June 30, 17

    We discuss all the details on how to choose the right type of business license in the UAE and explain what are the business activities in the Emirates. Very informative and useful podcast.

  • Podcast #3 – Types of companies in the UAE. Offshore and onshore companies in the UAE.

    June 26, 17

    We talk about offshore, local and free zone companies in the UAE. What is the difference and how to choose the right type for yourself. We explain all the do’s and dont’s and you will know what type of company is suitable for your business.

  • Podcast #2 – Do I need an office for doing business in the UAE?

    June 25, 17

    Is office required to start business in the UAE? How to choose office space and what is a flexi-desk? Is there any difference between flexi-desk and virtual office? What is the right choice for your business?

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