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Because UAE is not a signatory to The Hague Convention, dated October 5, 1961, which is an agreement that waives the requirement to legalize foreign documents, United Arab Emirates authorities recognize only those documents that are duly legalized.

The process of legalization requires that the document is first attested in the country of issuance and later legalized in the UAE.

Steps one may take to complete legalization vary from country to country and may require stamps from notary, PM office, court, MoFA and other authorities in home country. However, the last two steps most of the time remain the same irrespective of the country where these documents were issued. These two steps are UAE Embassy in home jurisdiction and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

We would like to note that time required for legalization may vary from document to document. The reason for that are additional stamps that may be required from authorities in the country of issuance in light of the type of the document (POA, Certificate of Registration, marriage certificate and so on).

PRO Services

It is a well-known fact for many entrepreneurs that a key to success is effective time management and delegating, delegating, delegating … of tasks. A businessman who relies on own efforts, deprives himself of a possibility to grow.

Those who value own time and appreciate assistance of professionals may choose personal assistant services that our company offers.

Responsibilities of a personal assistant each client determines individually: some businessmen may be looking for a business-assistant, some to hire a person who will render concierge type of services. Personal assistant is not an office manager or a secretary or an interpreter. Personal assistant means much more and this role encompasses all above mentioned responsibilities.

All our team members have extensive experience assisting with business management. They are qualified interpreters and translators who have necessary contacts and will perfectly suit for a role of an office manager or a secretary.

There is no more need to think who to entrust all your projects. Just pick one of the available options 10, 20 or 30 working hours per week and get in touch with us.


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